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Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans

Constitution 2015-2016


We, the Teenage Republicans of the state of Florida, in order to form a better state, encourage young adults to engage in the political process, support traditional conservative principles, and work towards liberty and prosperity.

Article I – Name & Association

Section 1.

The name of this organization shall be the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans, herein referred to as FFTAR.

Section 2.

The FFTAR shall be affiliated with the National Teenage Republicans. The FFTAR shall charter individual clubs across the state.

Article II – Objectives

The objectives of the FFTAR are as follows:

A. Mobilize conservative teenagers across the state of Florida and integrate them into the political process
B. Spread conservative principles and support the goals of the Republican Party
C. Coordinate activities and events throughout the state of Florida
D. Support Republican candidates on a non-discriminatory basis
E. Maintain positive relationships with other Republican auxiliaries
F. Help educate the future conservative leaders of the Republican Party

Article III – Club Incorporation & Membership

Section 1.

Any Teenage Republicans organization in the state of Florida seeking a charter from this federation must submit a legitimate copy of the club’s current constitution and the contact information of all the officers and members to the FFTAR Executive Board, unless a legal exception is made. Upon the Executive Board’s approval of this completed application, the organization becomes an official chapter of the FFTAR. The federation will only recognize one club from each high school. Charters issued to every club will expire on the last day of the ensuing FFTAR annual convention.

Section 2.

Active memberships are available to all teenagers residing in the state of Florida whom support the ideas of the Republican Party. To be a member, one must also be in good standing with his or her local TAR chapter and have an age inclusively between thirteen and eighteen. If an individual has no local TAR club or an unusual circumstance, the FFTAR Board may make an exception provided that he or she meets the requirements for membership previously mentioned in this section.

Article IV – The Federation Board

Section 1.

The FFTAR Executive Board shall consist of nine elected officers; Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Political Director, Executive Director, Communications Director, Junior Advisor, ans Senior Advisor. Their individual responsibilities are as follows:

A. Chairman – The Chairman will be the chief executive of the Executive Board and shall preside over all meetings of FFTAR. The Chairman must notify the Executive Board at least twenty-four hours prior to a meeting. He or she has the exclusive authority to create and destroy committees and appoint committee chairmen. In addition, the Chairman has the power to fill any vacancy on the Executive Board with Executive Board approval.  The Chairman shall serve as the chief representative of the organization and shall represent the FFTAR at political events.

B. Vice Chairman – The Vice Chairman shall assist the Chairman and Executive Board in accomplishing FFTAR objectives stated in Article II. In the Chairman’s absence, the Vice Chairman shall preside over meetings. If ever the Chairman position becomes vacant, the Vice Chairman shall serve as an interim Chairman until the next annual convention.

C. Secretary – The Secretary shall record and maintain the minutes of every FFTAR assembly. Prior to a meeting, the Secretary must send copies of the previous meeting’s minutes to the entire Executive Board. In addition, he or she shall be the primary organizer of the membership database and all correspondence, literature, social media and historical records.

D. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be the exclusive head of FFTAR finances. He or she must maintain accurate financial records and provide them at any request. He or she must provide the Executive Board with a full financial report of the Federation’s financial state on a monthly basis.Furthermore, the Treasurer shall be the only officer that can make immediate expenditures with FFTAR funds without prior board approval. In this circumstance, the Treasurer, in total, may spend up to 5% of the treasury. Provided that the Chairman and an advisor approve the expense before purchase, the Treasurer will be allowed to exceed the 5% limit. If the expense is not approved by the Executive Board at the subsequent meeting, the sitting Treasurer shall have this purchasing privilege revoked permanently.

E. Political Director – The Political Director is the chief liaison to the media and all political organizations. He or she shall be responsible for promotions and public relations. The Political Director must stay informed on current events and relay useful information to the Executive Board and FFTAR membership. The Political Director shall work with the Executive Director to mobilize FFTAR chapters. In the event of a conflict of interest, the Chairman will have the final say on major decisions with external affairs.

F. Executive Director – The Executive Director shall serve as the primary communication between the Executive Board and FFTAR chartered clubs. The Executive Director shall oversee the activities of the chapters and report their statuses to the Executive Board. He or she shall promote the expansion of chapters across the state and work with the Political Director to mobilize these clubs, and reach out to the clubs at least once a month to be of assistance.

G. Communications Director – The Communications Director shall serve as the primary manager for all FFTAR digital communications, including but not limited to the FFTAR website, newsletter updates, and social media profiles. It is the responsibility of the Communications Director to uphold the views of the FFTAR Executive Board and Republican Party platform in a professional and ethical manner. In doing so, the Communications Director must represent all individuals and organizations affiliated with the FFTAR or Republican Party with fair and unbiased treatment. In all Republican Party primary races and inner-party disputes, the Communications Director will ensure the neutrality of FFTAR.

H. Junior Advisor – The Junior Advisor shall be a Republican individual that provides sound advice to the Executive Board. The Junior Advisor shall assist the transition of newly elected officers to the Executive Board. He or she must be between eighteen and twenty-one years old. Additionally, this individual must be a previous Executive Board member in good standing with the federation. The Junior Advisor must have graduated high school and had extensive experience with the Republican Party.

I. Senior Advisor – The Senior Advisor shall be a Republican individual that provides sound advice to the Executive Board. He or she must be at least twenty-five years old with extensive experience with the Republican Party. The Senior Advisor must also exhibit a broad base of knowledge that enables him or her to effectively assist FFTAR in organizational, promotional and parliamentary issues.

Section 2.

The duties of the Executive Board shall be:

A. To manage the affairs, properties, and funds of the FFTAR properly as to meet the objectives defined by Article II
B. To design, develop, and discover TAR clubs across the state of Florida
C. To increase our political clout and connect with other Republican auxiliaries
D. To raise funds to build a large, stable treasury
E. To comply with the standards and regulations of the National Teenage Republicans
F. To officially meet twice per month
G. To prepare and host an annual statewide convention

Section 3.

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans. In cases where Robert’s Rules of Order contradicts the constitution, this document shall reign supreme.

Article V – Finances

Section 1.

The treasury of the FFTAR shall be held in a business bank account. The Chairman, Treasurer, Junior Advisor, and Senior Advsior shall have access to the online account and bank statements. The Treasurer is the only officer that will be issued a debit card. If the Chairman or Senior Advisor requests a debit card, they must meet 2/3 of the Executive Board's approval.

Section 2.

All expenditures of the FFTAR treasury must have clear political motives that meet the objectives stated in Article II. The FFTAR bank account shall never be used for personal expenditures of any kind. All purchases must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Board. Once the board approves the expenditure, the indebted officer shall be compensated equal to the price of the purchase. If the Executive Board does not approve the purchase, the FFTAR has no right to claim ownership of the purchased items. To be compensated, the individual must present a receipt or proof of purchase to the Executive Board.

Section 3.

The Executive Board shall not pass an outstanding debt to a newly elected Executive Board. All receipts and financial records must be organized and easily accessible. The outgoing Executive Board is required to transfer account access and all financial records immediately after the election of the new Executive Board.

Article VI – Regions

Section 1.

The State of Florida shall hereby be organized into several regions for FFTAR organizational purposes. Each region shall have a Regional Director, appointed by the Chairman with the advice and consent of the Executive Board. Each Regional Director will be responsible for reaching out to clubs in the assigned region, working to plant new clubs, organizing events with multiple clubs, coordinating with Republican groups and affiliated organizations, disseminating Federation information to clubs, and hosting Quarterly Meetings when directed to do so by the Executive Board. Regional Directors shall provide the Executive Board with a full report of TARs activities in their region by the first day of every month. At least once every three months, all of the Regional Directors and a member of the Executive Board shall have verbal communication with one another to plan a course of action.

Section 2.

The Executive Board shall have the power to create regions as they see fit. There shall be no fewer than three regions at any one time. Regions shall be drawn using contiguous county boundaries and must consist of at least two or more counties.

Section 3.

Within 90 days of the election of a new Executive Board, the Chairman must submit his nominations for the Regional Director positions. The Executive Board must meet within 15 days to consider these nominations. All Regional Directors shall be members in good standing of a chartered FFTAR club in the region they serve in and have agreed to perform the duties of the position prior to their nomination. Regional Directors shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman but are subject to removal by the Executive Board by a 2⁄3 vote for gross negligence or inappropriate behavior. If there is a vacancy in any Regional Director position, the Chairman has 30 days to submit a nominee for the position.

Article VII – Annual Convention

Section 1.

The Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans shall hold an annual convention by the end of August, with the time and place set by the Executive Board. If the convention is not held by this time, the federation will disband immediately and all federation funds will be transferred to the National Teenage Republicans. The Executive Board will be responsible for recruiting attendees, creating official programming and conducting business.  Every FFTAR chartered club must be notified of the date and location of the annual convention no less than fifteen days prior to the scheduled convention. A convention quorum shall consist of 20 FFTAR delegates present for the entire convention. Executive Board elections will be decided by a vote of the delegates present at the convention.

Section 2.

To be a delegate, one must fulfill FFTAR membership requirements, as stated in Article III, Section 2. Delegates must be present and provide a valid student or photo ID to vote, unless an exception is approved by the Executive Board. The Junior Advisor and Senior Advisor are recognized as delegates and have the right to vote. Representation will be capped at 12 delegates per chartered club. Any county without a chartered club is entitled to one voting delegate. The first person who qualifies as an FFTAR member from the said county to register for the convention shall be the delegate from that county. To run for an elected office, one must be an acting delegate who complies with all the FFTAR membership qualifications mentioned in Article III, Section 2. Candidates that will not fulfill membership requirements before the end of their proposed term are prohibited from running. Elections shall be by secret ballot and the counting of the ballots shall be overseen by an Elections Chair who shall be appointed by the Chairman with the advice and consent of the Executive Board. The Elections Chair shall be a trustworthy adult or TAR. He or she will also cast the deciding vote in the case of any ties.

Article VIII – Suspension

Engaging in illegal or unethical behavior may result in removal from Executive Board and the revocation of membership in FFTAR. The officer, member or club indicted must be given written notice seven days prior to removal. The accused individual or organization must be granted the opportunity to offer an explanation. The Executive Board must vote by a ⅗ majority for removal. A person or organization that has been removed may appeal to the Executive Board. The Executive Board may only override such a removal by a unanimous vote. Such an appeal will not be heard if the accused party has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony by any court of law in the United States.

Article IX – Compliance

The Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans, including all chartered clubs and registered individuals, shall comply with the regulations of National Teenage Republicans and all applicable governing bodies. In the event of a discrepancy, the National Teenage Republicans shall be the final authority.

Article X – Amendments

Amendments to these articles may be made with a three-fourths majority vote of a quorum at the annual convention. All proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the FFTAR Executive Board at least 15 days prior to the convention. All newly-adopted amendments shall become effective immediately upon ratification.

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